iPhone 4

Apple releases the iPhone 4 after various rumors going around the internet about the 4 and how Gizmodo obtained one. With this, apple also releases a new version of Safari which is Safari 5.0.

The 4 now has a front facing camera with a forward camera with flash. Volume Control buttons are separated and the back is not rounded. The new 4 doesn’t have a chrome glossy back which was a complaint from many other iPhone buyers. The video is 720p HD. With the second camera you video call, only over Wi-Fi though. Yet after numerous requests, there is still not a memory card slot on the new iPhone 4. The primary camera has been upgraded to 5 megapixels. The new 4 comes in two different colors, white (above) or black. Personally, I would recommend not to get the iPhone 4 just as yet as it may come with many bugs. If you really want an iPhone 4, I would highly recommend you get it after two or three months.


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4 Responses to iPhone 4

  1. David says:

    and yet they still cant add simple FM radio

  2. Bob says:

    i like it. looks cool. finally a smart phone with an up to date camera.

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