Samsung FlashCam SMX-F30

In this video TuTube105 reviews the Samsung Flash Cam F30

The Samsung Flashcam SMX-F30 is a point and shoot pocket camcorder for your everyday family video’s or really, any amateur videos. This camera features great in video auto focus, which you can change to manual focus, or face-detection focus. This camcorder can also take pictures at a press of a button. This camcorder weighs less than 2 pounds. There is no internal storage with this camcorder. There is no touch screen.

This camcorder is available in Black, Red, and Blue. There is not much of a color choice as you are limited to the three colors listed above. When getting the Black version keep in mind that it has a glossy finish, which will sustain finger prints.

This camera records in 720×480 MPEG4 video, which is not HD by any means. It features a 42x intelligent zoom; however you can use the 32x optical or the 128x digital zoom in alteration. The camcorder handle is a swivel handle making recording low shots a breeze.

In camera fading (in or out) with a function which you can use to combine movies together with; and even put songs behind automatically created slideshow makes video editing a thing of the past.

Pixels may appear in recorded video due to poor lighting, however if you play around with the white balance a bit, it should be okay.

Overall for the price of $179.99 this camera is a definite buy. Clear 720×480 video, great JPEG pictures, 42x intelligent zoom swappable with a 32x optical zoom or a 128x Digital zoom through presses of a few buttons make this an amazing product. If you are in the market for a decent SD Camcorder, the Samsung FlashCam SMX-F30 is the camera for you.

Be sure to check this camera out by clicking here.


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