Google Voice Telephone Booths

A Google voice telephone booth may be coming to an airport or college near you. Google has done this to raise awareness of their new cutting edge call technology. These phone booths aren’t just for appearance purposes, they actually have phones in them that actually call. This is not the standard call you get from a phone, the Google Voice phones use VoIP or Voice over IP technology which means the calls are hosted through the internet. Google hasn’t disclosed where the calling stations are located.

Here is someones response after they used the Google Voice Phone “I had a chance to test the phone booth out, and while it can be a bit confusing to operate (Google didn’t have time to update the instructions that appear in the phone booth) and there seems to be a bit of a lag for the dial tone, it does make a decent phone call. Calls from the booth, even international ones, are free of charge.”

Google is going to put more of these telephone booths around America, primarily near or in collages, and airports. Eventually if these booths are working properly they will be international.


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